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Etant une fan inconditionnelle de Wonder Woman, ce sera avec joie de faire une critique pour toi. De plus, ceci va être ma première cri...

It's a pleasure to add a critique for you !! :) First of all, you have perfectionated, as always, in techniques. The work looks both rea...

by XRlS

This is such a beautiful piece of art, it really catches my eye. I really appreciate the contrast made by the superposition of the colo...

When I first saw this artwork, I thought th character was Android 18 from the manga Dragon Ball Z.^^ Anyway, the drawing is such simple...



Some place on Earth
Hello everybody ! I apologize for not posting new artworks these months. I was busy with studying and I had to work on videos rather than drawings with After Effects. I did this landscape to make it then "alive" with the software and then create a video about it. I already like After Effects because of what it is capable of and I hope I'll do more videos in the future.

I hope you enjoy the view ! ;)

Landscape done in Krita by me.

Comments and faves are always welcomed.
Building a History
This artwork focuses on women's participation in History mostly written by Men and its impact on the life of today. I present four characters from the culture of my country Tunisia through the historical facts that they have made as well as the values ​​and the ideal that they advocate in their actions. I wanted to defend the cause of the women by showing the gigantic step that the Men have made in the history thanks to a few chosen from among thousands of women unfortunately forgotten and put in the shadow. I would also like to make them known to a wider public, notably by teaching in schools and by a greater recognition of these incredible figures of unusual women who certainly did not find their places at their time but who Left the mark of a warrior woman, a woman who had founded a great nation and remarkable warriors, a charitable and generous woman, and a woman with incredible knowledge and a great heart:

I first chose La Kahena, or Dihya (on top of the artwork), a Berber woman warrior leader who wanted to defend the land of her country from the Muslim invasion that was responding everywhere at that time. She alone held a large army and was respected and sometimes seen as a witch who could handle magic. The Kahena meant beautiful gazelle with long neck. She is known for practicing the politics of scorched-earth , as well as having won a famous battle known as "The battle of camels) . Although she was at the end decapitated and delivered to the caliph Abd al-Malik in Syria , the Berber values ​​have always been transmitted from generation to generation.

Then I chose Elyssa, or Queen Didon (At the left of the artwork) , who moved to the north of Ifriqiya (today Tunisia) after a family and royal conflict, and according to the myth, would have woven the lands of the future Carthage thanks to the thread of skin of a bull. Carthage was a very modern civilization which had fanned the jealousy of the Romans and the birth of the celebrated General Hannibal.

I also chose Aziza Othmana, the princess of the Muradites period, wife of Barbarossa, (At the left bottom) who was known to have a charitable heart towards slaves and poor girls. She had built a hospital that is still active today and called under her name. A certain famous physician who had a Nobel Prize in medicine would have worked there for a few years. Before she died, she would have made a will in which she would always like to have roses and flowers in front of her grave, even in our days.

And finally I wanted to introduce Lalla Manoubia (At the right of the artwork), a woman from a very poor family, but who nevertheless shared her bread with other poor people. She was noticed among her entourage for her intelligence and her beauty. It pursued a teaching privileged to men of scientific and theological studies, and even went to pray alongside men. She was considered "rebellious" and "emancipated" in her day, her father considering her a humiliation and trying to get her married to a man, which she refused to continue to educate and instruct others. Today she is considered nowadays a saint.

Comments and critics are always welcomed.
Artwork done with gouache, by me.
At the heart of a marvel
This is my first attempt for animation and my first attempt with Krita, a free software to make beautiful digital illustrations and drawings. The place is inspired by Matmata, a place from South Tunisia, but I wanted use unusual colors for a such an environment, to create a new atmosphere.

This is a work done by me, with Krita
All comments are always welcomed !
Princess Of Two Lands
It's been a while since I had upload an artwork. I had to work for some commissioners this summer and I didn't really find time for myself. Now that I returned to studying and art, I will upload new artworks.
This is an artwork for a contest made by "Mario All Stars" on Facebook (here :… ) which consist on drawing Princess Daisy or another princess, along with other characters if you like. This contest has inspired me much because I had to do an homage to one of my favorite Mario game series ever : The Mario Land Series. I remember spending so much time playing the two first Mario Land and had great time playing them over and over. The music has also been stuck in my head until this day. I wish Nintendo can bring them to the new Generation by making remakes because I think thery are great and unique.
I put many references from Mario Land 1 and Mario Land2 in the artwork, along with references of Princess Daisy from her debut to now.
I really hope to see Sarasaland and the Mario's Castle once again in future Mario Games.

Artwork by me done with soft pastels
Princess Daisy, along with the other characters, belong to Nintendo


Rosa-Lynda's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Varied
Hello everybody !
My name is Lynda. I am the big sis of :iconjasminem18: .

Since everybody complimented the drawing that I asked Jasmine to upload it,

(… )

I decided finally after many days , months and years to suscribe on DeviantArt. ^^

I hope you will appreciate my works and my proper conception of art and world in general and I wish for all those are coming to visit my gallery and comment a big welcome and thanks.

Thanks for all the watchers and those who welcomed me with open hands, it was really touching !! :)


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Good evening, Lynda. Here's a quick shout out to you before I start work this morning. I hope you're well. Wow! Thank you so much for all those faves! What a wonderful way for me to start the day here on my side of the world. I see you have new work I definitely need to check out more closely, too, which I'll do this (my) evening.
Best regards,
Rosa-Lynda Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017  Student General Artist
You're welcome ! You deserve it ! ^^
Have a wonderful day and thank you ! :)
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Merci pour le llama. Bonnes fêtes. ^^
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De rien, à toi aussi ! :)
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Je te souhaite d'agréable fêtes de fin d'années. :)
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Rosa-Lynda Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2016  Student General Artist
With pleasure ! :)
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